The Pastime of Australia – How Pokies Stole the Down Under

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Australia is considered as the “Land of Plenty”, plenty of diverse wildlife, specifically popular for marsupials’ extensive range. It has a fantastically warm weather having great abundance in the natural wonders, drawing the tourists in droves every year. Also, it has also happened to have plenty of  The Pastime of Australia – How Pokies Stole the Down Under assortments of pokies for as much as 200,000.

The Pastime of Australia – How Pokies Stole the Down Under

Pokies or the Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM) as officially titled as such, are big part of the Australian culture. As a matter of fact, most of the Aussies are proudly saying that to gamble would be a huge part of the society. They say that everyone is gambling in Australia and while it does not mean to be 100 percent of the adult Aussies are actually wagering their dollars from which they earned real hard, it is more of an accepted stereotype that has been developing through the decades since most of the Australians are gambling once every year.

Aussies are gambling for just about anything that they can potentially come up with. Wilson and Pinto have also included in their research that many of the Australians are proud about their reputation being a nation of people who are going to bet in a wall on 2 flies. It is a usual joke, but they are not that far from the reality that one could think. It can be anything like to bet on the Melbourne Cup, drawing the highest amount of the wagering action from all over the continent, or to bet in the frog to jump in the Outback.

Rooted History in Australian Cultural Gambling

Getting back to the aspect of culture, the very 1st pokies seen in Australia have been installed around 1900 to 1910, not long after Charles Fey credited to invent the slot machine in the US in the late 1890s. The pokie machines have become an instant hit in the local boozers and pub, regardless of the fact that they are entirely illegal. It took for about 50 years for any territory in Australia to legalize the pokies. New South Wales is considered as the first place to legalize pokies, which lift the prohibition in 1956, allowing pokie machines in all of the registered clubs. The ACT has followed the suit in 1970 and eventually, all the other territories jumped aboard before turning to the millennium, even though Western Australia has the most stringent laws to confine a bit of pokies to Burswood Casino as they are legit everywhere else in the WA.

In the recent years, there are studies showing that 62 percent of the gambling expenditures of Australia go into EGM’s; thereby pokies have been the dominant source of the taxable gambling revenue. That same study has revealed that there are 70 to 75 percent of all of the Australians who have continued to play the pokies for at least an annual basis. With the rooted history of the gambling culture of Australia, it is no surprise that the Australian Commonwealth Parliament selected to enact the laws regarding the online pokies as fast as they did. In July 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act has been enforced into the society.

It outlined how the online gambling companies are able or not to operate because it would become illegal for the operators outside the Commonwealth to offer services in Australia, and legal for particular authorized operators in the continent offering service outside the area of Australia. It is imposing no penalties on the Australian for online gambling. Such laws are making it fairly clear that the parliament has understandings on the undying pokies culture of Australia. Since many people love to play it, it has become their pastime and came to steal the Down Under.

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