Poker – A potpourri of social gambling card games

Poker - A potpourri of social gambling card games

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Poker – a potpourri of social gambling card games was originated around 10 centuries ago from a variety of games, all of which involved fundamentally ranking of cards or combinations of domino, including bluffing to mislead other players. It is believed that Mu-Tsung, a Chinese Emperor (968 A.D), used to play ‘domino cards’ on New Year’s Eve, which was similar to poker. In the 12 the centuries, Egyptians were known to be fond of gambling and playing cards. In the beginning of 16th century, the Persians introduced “Ganjifa” or “Treasure Cards” as betting games.

Poker – A potpourri of social gambling card games

During the colonization era, French officials introduced this game to Canada. One fine day, when French-Canadian settlers established New Orleans, poker was spread via the Mississippi river throughout the America. One of the oldest written, citation were made by Jonathan H. Green, in the year 1834, in which he mentioned Poker game as ‘deceiving game’ gambled on Mississippi riverboats. Throughout the Old West period of American history, poker tables had become in vogue in every town. During the Civil War, soldiers from both the sides used to play together. In 1875, when the joker was introduced, the European domination on poker terminated.

Poker - A potpourri of social gambling card games
Poker – A potpourri of social gambling card games

An Overview of Rules:

The specifications of the rules in this game could vary between casinos or if you are playing at home. This is one of the key attractions of poker, as its rules can subtly differ, with the same basic principles. Each type of poker games includes betting as the fundamental part. The winner of each hand could be determined by the combination of opponents’ cards, some of which could remain veiled until the end of the hand. The family of poker games usually differs in the number of dealing cards, the community cards, the hidden cards and the betting techniques.

Poker’s Most Played Variants:

There are different variants of poker such as Omaha, Stud Poker, Manila, Draw Poker and Razz, however, the following three games dominate the modern-day poker scenario.

  1. 5 Card Draw rose

This was one of the most popular games for decades. Nevada once banned betting games. Still, this game was played in Vegas, as it was skill-based, as declared by the Attorney General of California. Hence, gambling laws were not valid on poker. However, stud poker was still banned as it was only based on chance, which facilitated the growth of draw poker games. In 1931, Nevada took back anti-gambling rules and legalized it.

  1. 7 Card Stud

This variant was most popular before WWII and maintained the same designation for more than 40 years and helped the casino industry to flourish in Nevada.

  1. Texas Hold’em

In 1970’s, this game was the title game in World Series of Poker. Currently, Texas Hold’em is certainly the most recurrent played poker worldwide, both in casinos and home.

Casinos, which are the source of revenue and fun activity in many countries, are legally restricted in some countries like India for the reason that it might lead to criminal activities. Money laundering and the fear of the flow in of unaccounted black money corrupting the innocents is the main reason for this restriction. Hence, gambling is one of the primary impediments to the popularization of poker all over the world. In a span of two centuries, poker has evolved and been popularized in the whole world. Since its introduction on the banks of the Mississippi, the craze of this vastly played game has grown in leaps and bounds to evolve numerous variations. Unless you are psychic, this game will be one of chance, during which you will have to have luck in a big way. But if you win, it can mean big money!

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