What sports suits your personality and ability?


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Do you want to improve your cardio, flexibility, coordination, and balance? Well, Volleyball is meant for you. It is a super fun sport that will enhance your flexibility when you spike, balance when you needed to catch the ball, coordination towards other players and make your heart healthy because it can enhance your cardio. It is easy to learn especially when you have determination and if you are motivated. It is played outdoors, can be played at the gym, school gym, at the beach or even at the grass. You can play Volleyball with your friends or if you are serious about playing you can join to your school volleyball team and be better there. Volleyball was invented way back 1895 by William G. Morgan, a teacher. He combined parts of other sports like tennis, handball, baseball and basketball to create a new game. He create the game for people who wanted less physical contact with other players like basketball. He borrowed and uses the net of tennis and raised it up a little higher than a man’s head.

Like any other sports volleyball has rules that is needed to be follow. When the game was invented it was different than the game we are playing today. Before you could have many players as much as you can and as much as you want to in every team and there was no limit on hits on the side of the court. It was really different from the volleyball we are playing today. Today, volleyball is played by two teams with 6 players each. The goal of this game is to hit the ball and passed through the net so that the opposing team will prevent it from returning back and or falling on the ground. Each team has a three chance to hit the ball.

The ball is on play when hit by a serve of the server over the net to the opponent. Volleyball was first called mintonette but it was later change to volleyball because it describes how the players volley the ball back and forth over the net. Volleyball is reigning today, however there are some who didn’t know how to play. Practice, discipline and hard work will make you a good player. It will make you stand out and become phenomenal. Teamwork is also important, it will make your team the best team in town. In volleyball anyone can play, anyone can be good just follow the simple steps and do practice often. Some people finds sports specifically volleyball genuinely entertaining. It gives them satisfaction by just watching it and for players just by playing it. In volleyball you don’t need to be the most skillful player to stand out in the crowd.

You need to be yourself. You need to combine passion, dedication, hard work and discipline. In sports, sometimes you will win, sometimes you will lose. In times of losing do not be afraid of criticism or the bashing that you and the whole team might get, take it us a challenge to be more eager to win the next game. After all loosing means learning, a new chance, a new opportunity and a new beginning. Loosing doesn’t mean that you are weak you are not strong or you are not good enough, it means you are brave enough to accept failures that will make you a better player and one day you will shine and stand out from the crowd. In times of winning remember that you must keep your feet on the ground and learning does not stop there. Celebrate and rejoice with your teammates because your hard work has paid off. Volleyball is fun and easy to learn.


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